About Me

My passion is to study and teach God's Word, to inspire people to make a difference in their world through transformational living. Over the past 42 years, I have ministered across several denominations within the Body of Christ in 13 countries over 5 continents.

For 23 years I served the Church in India, pastoring and planting churches, equipping Pastors, Lay Leaders, and Children's Ministry Workers. I also worked among children and youth, conducting and speaking at camps, seminars and conferences for Pastors and Leaders, Women, Children and Youth.

Then for 11 years I was a Corporate Leadership Trainer and Coach, training and coaching personnel from entry to upper management levels in more than 50 for-profit and non-profit organizations. My areas of expertise included Personal and Team Leadership and Management, Customer Service, Communication Excellence, Presentation Skills, and Behaviour Analysis. I held positions from Manager to Director levels.

In 2017, I moved to Denmark, with nothing but a clear word from God to pack my suitcase, leave my family and my country, and travel to a land I didn't know much about. I knew it was going to be a new phase of my life, a call to live by faith, and serve God's Kingdom in Denmark, which is now my new home. My first language is English, and I am most comfortable and effective speaking and training in English, but I do teach the Bible in Danish in small groups.

I am married to Ove Pedersen, and we live in Sønder Hostrup, Aabenraa. I have two married children and one grandchild, who live in India.

I worked as Kordegn in Nicolai Kirke, Aabenraa, where I imparted some training to the lay leaders and some discipleship teaching for the church. I have taught and preached at Lykkeskær Bedehus (formerly Pottermægerens Hus), Bible Mission Center in Flensburg, Pinsekirken in Rudkøbing, and Aglow in Sønderborg and Kolding.